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Vasectomy and Circumcision on the Gold Coast with Dr Michael Read

About Dr Michael Read

Dr Michael Read performs vasectomy, and circumcision on infants, boys and adults, at his Gold Coast clinic located in Southport.

Dr Read graduated from The University of Queensland in 1983 and worked at the Royal Brisbane and Prince Charles Hospitals. Following this, he took up a position as a Medical Superintendent with Right of Private Practice in a rural community. For twenty years he provided the complete spectrum of medical services to this region including emergency care, hospital inpatient management, surgery, obstetrics and General Practice. Since returning to the Gold Coast in 2006, Dr Read has focussed on vasectomy and circumcision procedures as well as continuing to see many general practice patients.

To have a procedure at Gold Coast Vasectomy Centre or Gold Coast Circumcision Centre, no referral is required, although patients, or the parents of young children presenting for circumcision, are often recommended to us by their GP’s. Many come for procedures on the recommendation of friends or family members who have had a happy experience at our clinic.

Dr Michael Read has operated and performed vasectomy and circumcision for more than thirty years and provides assurance you will be taken care of in a comfortable and safe environment.

At Dr Read’s clinic Medicare rebates contribute to the cost of the vasectomy or circumcision consultation and procedure. As the procedures are performed in his clinic, and not in the hospital surgical environment, no hospital, day surgery or specialist anaesthetist fees are payable.

Dr Michael Read discusses his surgical history