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Medicare Safety Net

Maximise Your Medicare Rebates with the Medicare Safety Net

We aim to provide comprehensive care while helping you manage your healthcare costs effectively. If you’ve had significant medical expenses this year, you might be eligible for the Medicare Safety Net, which increases your Medicare benefits.

What is the Medicare Safety Net?

The Medicare Safety Net is designed to provide you with a higher Medicare benefit for out-of-pocket costs for eligible medical services. Once you reach a certain threshold in medical expenses within a calendar year, you may receive up to 80% back on further out-of-pocket costs.

Benefits of the Medicare Safety Net:

Increased Rebates: After reaching the threshold, Medicare covers 80% of the out-of-pocket costs for eligible services.
Financial Relief: Helps reduce the financial burden of frequent medical consultations or procedures.

Eligibility and Thresholds:

Thresholds: Different thresholds apply depending on your circumstances (e.g., individual or family). Once these are met, the higher rebate kicks in.
Tracking Expenses: Medicare tracks your medical expenses automatically if you’re registered.

How to Check Your Status:

Online: Log into your Medicare online account via myGov. Contact: Reach out to Medicare directly for more information.

Take the Next Step:

To make the most of your Medicare benefits and ensure you’re receiving the rebates you’re entitled to, or personalised advice or to discuss your eligibility, please contact our reception team by calling 07 5531 3205.

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