Adult Circumcision

Adult Circumcision

Dr Michael Read focuses on safety and ensuring minimal discomfort in all adult circumcisions.

Dr Michael Read performs circumcision for patients of all ages, from infancy through to adulthood. Although infancy is the ideal time for circumcision, many adult men and teens seek circumcision for medical, health, sexual, cultural, religious and cosmetic reasons. A man does not need a medical reason to have a circumcision. Personal preference or social reasons are perfectly valid. Circumcision can be performed simply because you want one. You may prefer the appearance, the enhanced hygiene and ease of management. Your girlfriend, wife or partner might simply prefer it. Whatever your reason for undergoing a circumcision, it is almost certain Dr Read is familiar with it and you should not be embarrassed to attend and discuss it with him.


Medical Benefits of Circumcision

Circumcision is often performed for a medical problem. Many stoical men persevere with foreskin complaints that can be readily fixed.

  • The most frequent medical reason is phimosis where a tight foreskin prevents or restricts retraction of the foreskin. It is a condition which affects 1 in 10 teenage boys and men. Sometimes this can be subtle and only evident with an erection. Dr Read has seen men in their 40’s and 50’s that have had this complaint all their adult lives. Often GP’s discourage surgery because they are unfamiliar with the significant inconvenience even minor restriction can cause. Phimosis also greatly increases the risk of penile cancer and is a cause of foreskin and catheter problems in nursing homes.
  • Paraphimosis follows phimosis as the most frequent reason men present for circumcision. With this condition the foreskin retracts and causes a restriction behind the glans causing it to swell and not allowing a return of the foreskin or blood flow. This can be dangerous and require an urgent operation to correct.
  • Recurrent tearing of the frenulum can be better treated by circumcision.
  • Infection and inflammation are three times more common in uncircumcised men, and many times greater in diabetics.
  • Penile cancer risk increases 20 times with an intact foreskin. This can require penile amputation or disfiguring surgery causing impaired penile function.
  • Some studies indicate a higher risk of prostate cancer, a common disease affecting 15-20% of men.
  • The risk of thrush is reduced in the man and so the risk of recurrent thrush in their female partners.
  • Protection against sexually transmitted infections like HIV, papilloma (wart) virus, genital herpes, syphilis, chancroid, trichomonas and mycoplasma.
  • There is up to a 5-times reduction in risk of cervical cancer in a female partner of a circumcised man.
  • Removal of the foreskin will ensure urine and smegma does not accumulate, a mix of mucus and dead skin cells that produces an offensive smell. This often can’t be stopped by the most fastidious attention to cleaning.
  • Valid research shows women prefer the circumcised penis for appearance, hygiene and sexual activity. One reason being the increased contact of the penis with the vagina and stimulation.
  • Generally sexual function and sensation is the same or better in circumcised men. The problem of a tender, overly sensitive head of the penis is virtually eliminated.
  • Occasionally men have simple, practical issues like an excessively long foreskin, hair entrapment, small skin growths and irritating rashes.

Dr Michael Read discusses circumcision pain

Frequently Asked Questions

At Gold Coast Circumcision Centre, adult circumcision surgery does not require referral. You can simply ring our clinic on (07) 5531 3205, make an appointment and come in and talk to Dr Read. He will discuss the circumcision operation with you. You are under no pressure to proceed with circumcision if you decide it is not for you.

Circumcision does not require hospital admission. The procedure is performed in our practice-based operating rooms located at Gold Coast Surgery Centre, Level 2, 103 Nerang Street, Southport.

Circumcision does not interfere significantly with work and study. You will need to have the day of your surgery off work and ideally a further day or two of rest. Some enthusiastic patients do return to work the next day. If you are travelling to the Gold Coast for your surgery, please plan to spend at least 1-2 days here.

Pain during the circumcision and afterwards is absent or minor. A topical anaesthetic cream provides most of the numbing effect, but it is supplemented by local anaesthetic injections if necessary and by some medication to sedate and relax patients. Many patients simply sleep throughout the circumcision. There is always anxiety about pain during and after the procedure but Dr Read will take great care to ensure this is not a significant issue.

You might have had a circumcision and be unhappy with the outcome. Dr Read commonly operates on men to provide a more pleasing cosmetic result if there is excessive skin scarring or irregularity.

Many men have encountered terms like high and low and tight and loose. These refer to the location of the cut or scar and the amount of skin removed. Almost all men request a low scar of medium tightness. This generally replicates the appearance of circumcision performed in infancy. Open discussion about your style preference is encouraged.