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10 facts about men and vasectomy

When it comes to contraceptives for males, the only current options are available are condoms and vasectomy. Researchers are working on vas-occlusion contraceptives that simply inhibit the transport of sperm through the vas deferens, making it a truly reversible contraceptive along with other male contraceptives that are currently in the pipeline. As it stands, a vasectomy is the most reliable male contraceptive available and here are ten facts about it.


  1. Vasectomies are generally safe.

A vasectomy is only a minor surgical procedure that involved blocking the sperm from passing from the testes as a form of effective birth control. Dr Michael Read has extensive knowledge and understanding of the various techniques required to perform the procedure. He employs the no-scalpel (keyhole) vasectomy method wherein the sperm-carrying vas deferens is cute and sealed at the end. No stitches are needed making this the preferred technique because of the lowered risk of complications. Patients may experience complications such as local swelling, bleeding, and infection but these are rare occurrences.


  1. Men who’ve had a vasectomy feel freer during sex.

Once your doctor has confirmed that your tubes are clear, you will be able to resume regular sexual activity. With the risk of an unplanned pregnancy gone, many men claim to have better sex lives. The absence of the fear of accidental pregnancy may add a greater sense of pleasure.


  1. A vasectomy is a simple out-patient procedure.

At Gold Coast Vasectomy Centre, Dr Michael Read is able to perform the vasectomy in his clinic, eliminating the need for hospital admission and fees. No referral is required to have a vasectomy and the simple open-ended no-scalpel procedure means that no stitches are required. It is up to you if you wish to be sedated and you can choose between general anesthetic or conscious sedation, some men choose none at all and are even able to drive themselves home after the procedure.


  1. Approximately 30 000 men undergo a vasectomy in Australia each year

About 1 in 4 men have had the vasectomy procedure done.


  1. Vasectomy doesn’t affect the production of semen.

A vasectomy prevents sperm from being transported to mix with other seminal fluids. Sperm is still produced and leave the testes but is stopped in the epididymis where they are then reabsorbed into the body. The man can still reach normal orgasm with ejaculate, it will simply no longer contain sperm.


  1. Vasectomy is reversible

It is possible to reverse a vasectomy if the man changes his mind and decides that he wants to have children at a later stage. It is pertinent to note that reversal success rates vary between 40 – 90%. It is far more complex and costly than the initial vasectomy. Researchers are working on vas-occlusive devices which act like a vasectomy but are truly reversible. Men who are planning on having a vasectomy may want to consider storing sperm before undergoing the procedure. This way, if pregnancy does become desirable, then the man will not have to undergo the costly and usually unsuccessful reversal surgery for his wife to become pregnant naturally.


  1. Vasectomies do not affect male sexual function

After undergoing a vasectomy, the male sex drive is not altered or diminished. You should not experience any chance and should expect to have normal libido, erections, orgasm, and ejaculations of sperm-free semen.


  1. The procedure and recovery is relatively painless

During a vasectomy, Dr Michael Read and his trained staff take great measures to care for our patients and prevent pain. The procedure itself only takes 20 – 30 minutes with no significant post-operative pain. Most men can return to their normal occupations 2 to 3 days post-procedure but it is advised to avoid heavy work or sport for 7 – 10 days after.


  1. Vasectomies are 99% effective at preventing unplanned pregnancies

The risk of a vasectomy failing because the male’s tubes have re-joined is 1:1000 which makes it safer than any other contraception including hormone and barrier methods.


  1. Each year, men and women globally celebrate World Vasectomy Day

This annual event is all about spreading information and educating men and women about vasectomies. This live event is full of entertainment and valuable insight into this effective form of contraception. To find out more visit their website https://www.worldvasectomyday.org/


If you are considering a vasectomy or would like more information, then book a consultation with Dr Michael Read at the Gold Coast Vasectomy Centre. Call us today on 1300 DR READ


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