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Adult Circumcision: The Procedure, The Pros and Cons


Are you considering adult circumcision?

Adult circumcision is an uncomfortable topic for many, however whatever the reason for undergoing a circumcision, it is almost certain Dr Read is familiar with it and you should not be embarrassed to attend and discuss it with him.

Reasons For Having A Circumcision As An Adult

There are many reasons why a man may choose to undergo circumcision. Many adult men and teens seek circumcision for medical, health, sexual, cultural, religious and cosmetic reasons.  Other men may decide upon adult circumcision because most males are circumcised, making them feel like they want to fit in with the majority.


The Procedure

The surgery itself will usually take an hour. Shaving of the scrotum and pubic hair is performed pre-operatively. On completion of the procedure a fine, skin-coloured, absorbable stitch is used. Every endeavour is taken to ensure a good cosmetic outcome.


Adult Circumcision Pros
  • Circumcision helps to prevent certain medical problems and diseases, as well as removing the chances of developing a foreskin retraction problem.
  • Reduces the chances of developing urinary tract infections. It does so by lowering the risk of penis foreskin bacteria from being transferred during sexual intercourse back into the urinary tract.
  • Reduces the risk of HIV transmission.
  • The risk of thrush is reduced in the man and so the risk of recurrent thrush in their female partners.
  • There is up to a 5-times reduction in risk of cervical cancer in a female partner of a circumcised man.
  • Occasionally men have simple, practical issues like an excessively long foreskin, hair entrapment, small skin growths and irritating rashes.


Adult Circumcision Cons
  • Involves significant recovery time. You may be advised to avoid vigorous physical activity for about one month. You may need to avoid sexual activity for about two weeks.
  • Procedure is irreversible.
  • As with any surgery, human error is possible where the foreskin is trimmed too short, leading to erectile problems. Overly short foreskin may mean that there is insufficient skin to allow for a full erection.


It is important to note that some of the disadvantages of adult circumcision have conflicting data. For example, there is evidence that recovering from pain following circumcision is rapid. Complications following the procedure are rare and typically no greater than a temporary infection.


Making Your Decision

In spite of numerous studies, there is no conclusive evidence to definitively prove or disprove most of the purported benefits or disadvantages of adult circumcision surgery.


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