Dr Michael Read talks about circumcision

Dr Michael Read talks about circumcision

So, what about circumcision?

“Always controversial and subject to polarized views. 

Mostly parents have their boys circumcised because the father is circumcised, the males have been on one or other side or because it is cleaner, easier to mange or cosmetically better. Mostly social indications. I do circumcision also for religious and cultural reasons or for some complication of not being circumcised like recurring infection or tight foreskin, a condition known as phimosis. 

In Australia today circumcision is readily accessible and commonly performed, and is a preferred option for parents from diverse backgrounds.

If possible, I circumcise boys in the first six weeks but it can be, and is, performed at any age including teens and adults in my clinic without the need to go to hospital or have a general anaesthetic. 

There are sound medical reasons for circumcision quite apart from any social views. Boys who are circumcised have a lesser risk of foreskin, bladder and kidney infection, cancer of the penis is unlikely in the circumcised male, sexually transmitted infections are less likely and female partners are protected from cervical cancer.

If you elect to have your son circumcised, make sure it is done in experienced hands.”

Dr Michael Read has performed thousands of circumcisions over more than 30 years. A Plastibell is his procedure of choice up to puberty and a different operation known as sleeve resection circumcision in older boys and men.

Dr Michael Read also performs vasectomy from his Southport clinic.

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