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Adult Circumcision Procedure Gold Coast

Adult circumcisions are a topic that most people know very little about. Many men consider this surgery as a long-term solution when their foreskin it too tight and cannot be retracted. Circumcisions can be performed because you simply want one, you aren’t happy with the appearance, personal hygiene or your partner might simply prefer you to be circumcised.


Circumcisions can be a daunting experience especially for adults, although lucky enough Dr Michael Read recognises the need to offer a dedicated, high quality male circumcision service to all age groups. Dr Read offers a vast amount of experience and professional knowledge to assist in guiding you through an adult circumcision without implications or fear.


Can you be circumcised as an adult?


Adult circumcisions are becoming more common in most surgery clinics. An adult circumcision doesn’t require a referral so you can simply call your nearest or preferred clinic to arrange a consultation at your earlier convenience.  At Dr Michael Reads clinic there is no hospital admission required as he operates in his clinic located on the Gold Coast.


How is a circumcision performed on adults?


An adult circumcision procedure does not always require hospital admission. Some professionals, such as Dr Michael Read, operate in their clinic, if it is required they are able to offer day surgery to be arranged.


After getting your circumcision there is typically no interference with your personal work and study commitments. Professionals do recommend to take the day of your surgery off and ideally an additional two days for recovery. Some patients who aren’t affected by pain do occasionally return to work the next day.


An adult circumcision process is quite quick and relatively easy for surgeons to perform. The patient’s foreskin is removed behind the head of the penis with the use of a scalpel. Occasionally bleeding can occur, this is then cauterised and the remaining skin is stitched together. By having the foreskin removed it protects against a number of STD’s, in particular HIV.


How painful is circumcision for adults?


There is minimal pain during and after the circumcision process. Dr Michael Read applies a topical anaesthetic cream which provides a numbing effect, some sedation medication may be used to relax and ensure our patients are comfortable. The numbing cream is applied to the entire penis followed by being wrapped in plastic wrap for around 90 minutes before your procedure takes place. Everyone has a different measure of pain for example one of our patients actually took a phone call during his procedure with another taking photographs on their phones and send it to their friends and family.


How long does it take to heal?


Each individual healing process may vary although it generally takes between seven and ten days to heal. After the procedure, your doctor will bandage up the penis to reduce any further bleeding. Unfortunately, this will give you a little inconvenience going to the bathroom but the outcome will be worth it. After two days, your bandage will be removed, you may see a small amount of bruising and swelling but this is very normal. Until you are fully recovered you may be required to wear a light crepe bandage to provide compression supporting your wound for a few weeks post-surgery.


You deserve the best and most comfortable experience when undertaking and Adult Circumcision. It is important you know about the procedure and choose a qualified specialist surgeon to ensure the best possible outcome without any implications. Dr Michael Read has been helping clients for over 25 years with an abundant of successful outcomes. Give Dr Michael Read at his clinic on the Gold Coast and see how he can help you!


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