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Infant Circumcision - everything you need to know

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You are the parents of a newborn son – should you have him circumcised ? There are polarized views and you will be subject to noisy opinion. Better to have the benefit of information.


What is infant circumcision:

Infant circumcision involves removing the skin that covers the head of the penis.
Circumcision in the first 6-8 weeks is ideal.
It is important to know that if you miss this early opportunity it can be performed at any age in Dr Read’s clinic.


How is Infant Circumcision performed :

Dr Read does a Plastibell procedure in infants. The Plastibell is a ring device that slips over the penile head. A tie encircles the foreskin and compresses it against the ring. This will clamp off blood flow. Most of the foreskin is removed, leaving some to keep the ring and tie in position. This will separate and completes the circumcision.


What is special about a Plastibell:

The tie encircles the foreskin and including all the blood vessels on the margin. Bleeding should not occur.
The tie seals the foreskin and reduces infection risk Nerve supply is cut off with the blood supply and minimizes post-op pain.
The Plastibell guides the correct amount of skin removal Usual infant care and activities can resume immediately.


What are the benefits of circumcision for my son:

  • He will have a lesser risk of penile, bladder and kidney infection 
  • Cancer of the penis is 20 times less likely than in the uncircumcised 
  • Phimosis risk eliminated. This refers to a tight foreskin and is the commonest reason I circumcise teens and adults. 
  • Sexually transmitted infections like HIV, herpes, warts and syphilis are reduced 
  • Prostate cancer might be reduced 
  • Female partners have lower cervical cancer risk.



Are there risks to infant circumcision :

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Too much or too little skin removed
  • Intra-operative and post-operative pain
  • Impaired cosmetic appearance


These complications are seldom and usually minor. There are inherent advantages to the Plastibell technique that mitigate these risks. Many experts state that circumcision will confer a lifetime of medical benefit and these benefits well exceed the minor risks.


In summary :

Parents are motivated to circumcise for a variety of reasons. It is a very personal decision that families come to with the welfare of their sons at heart.



For more information, visit our infant circumcision page and download our free guide, or call us on 07 5531 3205 to book a consultation with Dr Read.

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