Infant Circumcision

Infant Circumcision

Infant Circumcision Procedure Gold Coast

There are a lot of mixed opinions about infant circumcisions although there are also a lot of health benefit associated with the procedure. Not many people know that circumcisions are a long-term solution for the foreskin being too tight and not being able to be retracted, easier hygiene, decreased risk of urinary tract infections, decreased risk of sexually transmitted infections, prevention of penile problems and decreased risk of penile cancer.

Dr Michael Read acknowledges that it is essential to offer dedication and a high-quality surgery experience to patients of all ages and especially infants.

What to expect as a parent?

As an adult bringing your child in to be circumcised you may feel quite scared. All you need to remember is that procedures performed by professional are completely safe with the correct procedures followed resulting in a successful outcome. If you have any questions or concerns before your scheduled appointment be sure to contact your doctor beforehand so you are able to relax.

How is a circumcision performed on infants?

Not many people are aware of how circumcisions are performed until they are experiencing it first-hand. An infant circumcision is performed using a Plastibell device. The doctor uses a small ring that fits over the head of the infant’s penis under the foreskin. The size of the ring is selected appropriately by the doctor performing the surgery at the time. A tie is then applied to the outside of the foreskin which compresses the skin against the Plastibell ring. This process successfully compresses the blood flow to the foreskin making it easier to remove.

Is it safe to circumcise a baby?

A lot of parent’s fear putting their babies through the pain of being circumcised and question whether the procedure is safe to proceed with. There is minimal pain when going through the procedure as professionals performing the circumcision will use numbing cream and sedation to ensure your child is as comfortable as possible. The Plastibell used for the procedure produces a good quality outcome and contributes to a safer infant circumcision.

How to care for an infant circumcision?

Taking care of yourself is simple as you can feel if something is hurting or isn’t quite right. It can be a little daunting when you know you child has a wound and you need to take care of it. After the infant circumcision, your surgeon should provide you with instructions on how to look after your child circumcision wound to ensure there is no infections and it heals correctly.

How long does it take to heal?

Adults and Infants do a lot of things differently although when it comes to recovery time its similar if not the same. Generally, infants take 7 – 10 days to heal after their circumcision. After the procedure, there will be a lot of steps to take to ensure it heals quickly.

Your infant/child deserve the best and most relaxing experience when proceeding with an infant circumcision. It is important the procedure is performed by a surgeon who has a passion and extensive experience with the procedure to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved with no implications. For over 25 years Dr Michael Read has performed surgeries with successful outcomes. Arranging a consultation at the Circumcision Centre with Dr Michael Read is the best way to begin planning your child’s circumcision.

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