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Vasectomy Procedure Gold Coast

Having children is an exciting time for all families, although in some circumstances couples decide for the male to get a vasectomy to ensure they don’t have any more children. This however can be a daunting procedure to follow through with.

As a male and an experienced surgeon on the Gold Coast, Dr Michael Read understands the male body and the need for having a vasectomy. Dr Read offers warmth and professional skills to guide you through your vasectomy treatment ensuring it’s the right procedure for you and answering any questions you may have.


What is a Vasectomy?


A Vasectomy is a surgical procedure performed by a specialist to block the passage of sperm from the testes. Many men get this procedure as a permanent form of contraception. After the procedure is performed men generally noticed they still have normal testes, hormones, erections, ejaculation and libido. A lot of our clients even claim that their sex lives are better after their vasectomy because the risk of pregnancy is removed. Although it is important to remember that a vasectomy isn’t effective immediately.


What does a Vasectomy do?


We have all heard of a vasectomy but what does it actually do? For over 100 years doctors have been performing vasectomies, there are a range of different techniques that are used dependant on what doctor you are seeing. At Dr Michael Reads clinic he uses a technique called “No Scalpel (keyhole) vasectomy”, this is used to expose the patient’s sperm carrying tubes. The cord is then cut and sealed at one end with cautery. For an open ended no scalpel vasectomy there are fewer implication and no stitches required.


Can you reverse a Vasectomy?


If you change your mind after getting a Vasectomy they can often be reversed however it is not an ideal process. Doctors are able to aspirate the sperm from the testes post vasectomy. This is quite an expensive process that isn’t covered by Medicare, Dr Michael Read suggests that it should not come into consideration when you are planning to proceed with getting a vasectomy. There has been some success on record with reconnecting tubes surgically, although no one should count on reversing the operation. Getting a vasectomy should only be considered when couples are certain they do not want any more children.


How much does a Vasectomy cost?


Prices may vary depending on your circumstances, who you visit for your procedure and whether or not you have health insurance. The cost of the procedure is refundable from Medicare although the amount also varies with Federal Government policies. Your best option is to visit a surgeon and discuss your options and explore what payment methods they have available. Medicare does not cover a vasectomy reversal.


Is a Vasectomy painful?


The good news is there is minimal pain during and after this procedure. Some men prefer to only have local anaesthetic which means they are able to drive home afterwards. Although professionals do recommend for their patients to be given some sedation and pain-relieving medication. Patients are advised to arrange for someone to drive them home after their procedure. The sedation and pain-relieving medication will ensure that you are relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure and during your recovery.


You deserve the best and most comfortable experience when having a Vasectomy. It is important to choose a qualified specialist to ensure the best possible outcome. Dr Michael Read has been helping clients for over 25 years and has a record of very happy patients. So why not contact Dr Michael Read at his clinic on the Gold Coast and see how he can help you!


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