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Tips for Recovering Quickly After Your Vasectomy


Vasectomy Recovery Tips

For many men, the idea of undergoing a vasectomy can lead to anxiety. They spent years protecting this particular part of their body, so the prospect of going under the knife can cause some understandable nervousness.

The vasectomy procedure itself is quite quick. Once you settle your nerves, you should find that the recovery period is too. In fact, the average length of recovery from a vasectomy is under one week.

Let’s now have a look at some ways that you can recover rapidly following your vasectomy so that you can return to work and everyday activities as soon as possible.

As with any type of surgery, the first few days after a procedure are the most critical. This is when you will still be feeling the effects. So try to take it easy and use these tips to help you rest and recover following your procedure. 


Wear Supportive Underwear

Naturally, the area around your surgery will be a bit tender and vulnerable following your vasectomy. So be sure to wear recommended supportive underwear as directed by your surgeon. Its purpose is to minimise tension on the spermatic cords running from each testicle.

You’ll want to change your underwear daily, and put a bandage under your underwear for additional support.


Managing Discomfort

It is normal to experience mild swelling, pain, and bruising in the days after a procedure. Paracetamol will help ease the pain, but do not take blood-thinners like aspirin, as these could increase your risk of bleeding.

Get a towel in place an ice pack in it. Apply it gently to your scrotum for the first couple of days after your vasectomy to minimise swelling and discomfort. Keep the pack on for 20 minutes at a time, as often as needed. If you don’t have one available, a hack is using a frozen bag of veggies or a small washcloth.


Take Medication as Recommended

One of the main things that you want to avoid following a surgical procedure is infection. This could really cause a setback in your recovery and be quite uncomfortable. The following factors increase the risk of infection: 

  • Being older
  • Poor diet
  • Smoking tobacco products
  • Using some types of steroids
  • Having diabetes

If any of the above risk factors apply to you, you may be prescribed antibiotics prior to your vasectomy procedure. Keep taking the prescribed medications for the recommended period of time to lower your risk of infection.

Another important thing to do to prevent infection is to make sure that you keep the surgical site very clean. Whenever you get the go-ahead to take a shower, gently wash the area using soap and water. Gently pat the area down with a towel, or you can even use a blow dryer.


Limit Physical and Sexual Activity

Engage in only light physical activities for two or three days after your vasectomy. You should definitely avoid sports and vigorous physical activity for at least a week after your procedure.

You should also avoid sexual activity and ejaculation for a week after your vasectomy so that your incision has time to heal.

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