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The Infant Circumcision Debate

The Circumcision Debate: Navigating Different Opinions and Making an Informed Decision The topic of infant circumcision sparks passionate debates and diverse opinions, making it a complex decision for parents. Amidst the array of perspectives on this age-old practice, parents are challenged to navigate the myriad of viewpoints to make an informed decision that aligns with… Continue reading The Infant Circumcision Debate

Infant circumcision – everything you need to know

Infant Circumcision – everything you need to know   You are the parents of a newborn son – should you have him circumcised ? There are polarized views and you will be subject to noisy opinion. Better to have the benefit of information.   What is infant circumcision: Infant circumcision involves removing the skin that… Continue reading Infant circumcision – everything you need to know